How do I book a 3D Recce?


Simply email us on  to talk through your requirements today. 



Can you scan multiple locations in a single day?


Yes, not a problem. Multiple locations in multiple areas can be scanned in a single day. 



What locations can you scan?

We can 3D Recce all types of interior and exterior locations, anywhere in the world: so whether it’s a one bed flat in Bethnal Green, a stately home in Edinburgh, or a whole street in Budapest, we’ve got it covered. 


Can you scan unit bases and studio builds as well as locations?


Yes. We recommend scanning unit bases and studio builds as a vital part of pre-planning and expediting sign off. 



Do you need a location manager or someone from production to be at the location whilst you 3D Recce?


Whilst our technicians do not require anyone to be present at the location during the 3D Recce, we will work alongside whomever has been designated by production, be that the location owner, the Location Manager, or a COVID-19 H&S Supervisor. 



How many of your technicians will attend the location?


A 3D Recce is generally undertaken by a single technician.The number of technicians required to 3D Recce will depend on the size of the location, type of recce and the amount of time we are permitted to spend at the location. 


Are there any requirements you have of the location owner when you attend the site?


We would ask that the location owner is not present in the room where scanning is taking place and that furniture and doors are not moved during the 3D Recce. 

Are all of your technicians insured?


Yes. All 3D Recce technicians are fully insured.

How long will you spend at the location?


In general terms, the length of a 3D Recce will be determined by the type and size of a location, and then by how long we have at the location to complete the scan (and therefore how many technicians will be required to complete). 


We project manage each job on a case by case basis to ensure we’re striking that perfect balance between limiting our footprint on location and making sure that we are able to capture all the relevant information within the agreed time-frame. 



What will I receive from 3D Recce?


We will send you a 3D Recce Location Pack which comprises a summary overview pdf of the location, a link to the 3D Model, as well as our downloadable 3D Recce floorplans.



What technical information will be provided in the 3D Recce Location Pack?


The 3D Recce Location Pack provides you with the following technical information: wifi strength, phone signal strength, sunrise/sunset on proposed shoot date(s), and location of nearest hospitals/train stations. 


The 3D Model is also a great way to gather additional technical information at your convenience, as it enables you to review the space and measure objects, rooms, doorways etc. 


Additional technical information can be gathered on request.



How long does it take between scanning the location and receiving the 3D Recce Location Pack?


Our turnaround time from finishing the scan to sending out the pack is approximately 24 hours, as scanning is only the first step in our process before it is then passed to our back end team. 


Do you provide floorplans of exteriors as well as of interiors?


Yes, and we would encourage the use of exterior plans to help with unit base planning and tech/crew parking. All floorplans - interior and exterior - will come with a supplementary version which has a 2m grid overlaid to assist with social distancing. 



How do I share the 3D Recce Location Pack amongst crew?


The 3D Recce Location Pack will be sent to you as a pdf document, and as such can be easily stored and shared amongst crew/stakeholders. 


Can I attach your scan to a callsheet?


Of course. We recommend the 3D Recce Location Pack becomes integral to all future production workflows: this allows every single crew member to familiarise themselves with the location, so they can hit the ground running.


What devices can I view the 3D Model on?


The 3D Model can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and virtual reality headsets. 



Which VR headsets work with your 3D models?


 Oculus GO, Google cardboard & the Samsung galaxy series.


Can you provide us with VR headsets?


Of course, just get in touch and we can courier over them to you. 


How long will we have access to the 3D Model?


The 3D Model will be available for the duration of your production.


Is the service only available in the UK?


You can request a 3D Recce from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

How much does a 3D Recce cost?


Simply email for a free, no-obligation quote tailored specifically to your needs; it’s as simple as that.

How can a 3D Recce help to save money throughout my production?


A 3D Recce offers many opportunities for productions to make substantial savings throughout the course of the production lifecycle. 


A 3D Recce will help to reduce or remove the following potential costs during pre-production: international airfares; accommodation; per diems; crew fees; production fees; transport (train, taxis, petrol, minibus/coach hire); catering (breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks); supply of PPE equipment to crew; multiple return departmental visits (and all associated catering and travel costs).The current 14-day quarantine mandate risks seeing these costs escalate even more. 


The financial benefits of our service also extends to shoot days. By using our 3D Models, location overviews and floorplans, productions have the opportunity to work with departments to expertly divide each location into zones and plot the exact flow of the crew and talent footprint throughout the shoot. More planning means fewer unnecessary early calltimes, less overtime and less money on location penalties/charges.

How does your service specifically help us comply with British Film Commission (BFC) guidelines about working safely during COVID-19 ?


In addition to assisting with pre/production in general terms, we specifically help productions satisfy section 24.d and 24.e of the BFC guidelines:

24.d. Where possible, adjust practices for location scouting and allow extra time to carry this out. For example, but not limited to: 

- Assess viability of location as much as possible before recce, as set out in 24.b. 

- Only one scout in a location at any one time and encourage location owners to provide single representative accordingly 

- All scouting to be shared electronically and reduce where possible requirement for physical printing or mounted boards 




24.e. Set out guidance for conducting technical recces at locations, such as: 

- Allow only designated ‘essential’ crew to attend, including the COVID-19 H&S Supervisor as required 

- Use private self-drive transport where possible, e.g. cycles, own car, with no car sharing, in line with UK Government travel guidance 

- Conduct virtual tech recces online for non-essential crew 

- Provide an electronic tech recce pack, including plans of all sites

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